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40th Anniversary

10th Annual Carnegie Hall Concert

ACE Founding Directors Naomi Drucker and Blanche Abram

Seated (l to r): Blanche Abram, Marilyn Sherman Lehman. Standing (l to r) Chris Finckel, Deborah Wong, Eriko Sato, Lois Martin and Naomi Drucker.

Blanche Abram, Marilyn Lehman, Naomi Drucker

Karen Lehman, Tammy Hensrud, Blanche Abram, Marilyn Lehman, Eriko Sato and Naomi Drucker

Blanche Abram, Naomi Drucker

Blanche Abram

American Chamber Ensemble with
Peter Schickele at recording sessions

Chris Finckel, Deborah Wong, Lois Martin, Naomi Drucker, Blanche Abram, Stanley Drucker and Eriko Sato

Naomi Drucker

Naomi and Stanley Drucker

Producer Dana Perna, Blanche Abram,
Stanley Drucker and Naomi Drucker

Naomi Drucker, Jeffrey James, Blanche Abram, Richard L'Hommedieu (LI Music Hall of Fame)

ACE Clarinet Ensemble
American Chamber Ensemble
Blanche Abram, Eriko Sato, Lois Martin, Naomi Drucker, Marilyn Lehman and Chris Finckel